Top Cedar Incense Benefits

cedar incense

Cedar incense is quite powerful. That explains why it is used for treating a wide range of health conditions. Moreover, it is a useful building material. If you want to use cedar for your project, you need to check what cedar oil can do for you. You should note that cedar incense can offer you the aroma you need for an aromatherapy session and act as an insect repellent. These are some of the benefits of using cedar incense.

Natural Antifungal

cedarFor many years, Cedarwood oil has been used like paint. Some cedar types have been found to have antifungal and insecticidal properties. Therefore, you can use cedar incense to control the fungal deterioration of your stored spices. The truth is that you can use cedar incense as a natural antiseptic. That is because it helps combat both fungal and bacterial infections. In fact, recent studies have proven that it has antimicrobial properties. Some experts recommend burning it even in the bathroom for various reasons.


Several studies have analyzed cedar incense and its beauty and health benefits. Since cedar incense contains cedrine, thujopsene, and cedrol. These components have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for different skin conditions, such as acne. Also, it is beneficial for different skin conditions. It is advisable to use to get rid of minor wounds, soothe eczema benefits, and eliminate arthritis pain.

Insect Deterrent

It is common knowledge that cedar can deter months from sticking to your clothing items, especially during summer. You will find cedar incense to be great in deterring pests, whether outdoors or indoors. In fact, incense is powerful in combating snakes, rodents, and bugs. This is because of its pleasant and distinctive earthy smell. Therefore you can use this incense to control different biting pests like fleas. In addition, the repellants are effective and offer a natural means of insect control.


You can use cedar incense for aromatherapy. That is because it has useful qualities that make it useful for getting rid of insomnia. Therefore, you can use it before going to sleep. The good thing about cedarwood is that it has sedative properties that promote feelings of tranquility and safety. Since it also helps repel bugs and fight colds, you will find it great to promote better sleep quality.

Improves Focus

When you use cedar incense on children, you can help improve focus and learning capacity. Recent studies involved hundreds of children who used cedar incense, and it was found to help improve their learning ability and focus. This is attributed to reduced ADHD symptoms and a boost in brain activity.